Spring 2013 online offering–English/Film Studies 312: Cinema and Digital Culture


English 312: Topics in Film Studies
Cinema and Digital Culture
Instructor: Professor Tami Williams
E-mail: tamiw@uwm.edu

There are no pre-requisites for this course. The course also counts as conceptual elective credits towards the DAC (Digital Arts and Culture) Certificate Program


From the kinetoscope to the iPhone, moving image culture has never stopped reinventing or making itself anew. We will examine the nature of “new media” from a wide variety of perspectives: technological, economic, and particularly cultural and aesthetic. We will look at how new media, such as digital photography, video games, virtual reality, and the World Wide Web, refashion earlier media forms, such as cinema, as well as how the latter is itself influenced by emerging media. In addition to the shifts and changes effected by digital technologies in contemporary society, we will consider the place of the Self within the context of new media. To this end, in addition to reading critical texts, students will have opportunities to explore these questions on a personal and practical level, from blogging to video gaming. Class discussions will focus on weekly readings, film viewings and web visits.


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